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 Welcome to Duek Stress & Epidemiology Lab 

The lab focuses on the mental, psychological, and cognitive effects following exposure to stressful events.


Our Research Focus:
 PTSD, Epidemiology & Neuroscience 

The intersection of psychology and public health, understanding the epidemiological implications of stress exposure on individuals and communities. A common sequela to traumatic events is post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), a condition that has significant public health ramifications. My primary focus lies at the intersection of Epidemiology and Psychology. I am keen on studying the symptomatology and neurobiological underpinnings of PTSD, its mechanisms of progression, as well as the cognitive and behavioral consequences of stress exposure in broader populations. This aligns with a public health perspective, promoting understanding of the prevalence, distribution, and control of PTSD and stress-related disorders in the population.


Selected Projects:

· Mental Health Map in Israel (MHMI)

· Pre/Post Free Recall and Neuroimaging

· PTSD Reward & Punishment

Lab Members:


Or Duek, Ph.D

Principle Investigator
Personal Webpage

Idan Blum

M.D.-Ph.D. Candidate

Lital Cohen

M.A Cognitive Sciences

Omer Noy

MD-MPH student and Research Assistant
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Shoham Kaufman

Statistics, Data analysis and Psychology BA student
image (5)_edited.jpg

Ariel Roubach

image (6)_edited.jpg

Yarden Gil

image (7)_edited.jpg

Yoav Muscatel

B.A Psychology and B.Sc-Neuroscience
& Cognition

Yotam Sagi

B.A Psychology and
& Cognition

Join Us!

We are currently seeking enthusiastic and driven individuals for graduate and post-doctoral positions. If you are intrigued by the interdisciplinary convergence of Epidemiology, Psychology, and Neuroscience, we encourage you to reach out to us.

· Postdocs

· Graduate Students

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